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About Eruva  Sreenivasan Pillai

Eruva sreenivasan pillai belongs to a traditional astro family. On the request of maharaja of kayamkulam, his ancestors shifted their residence from kandiyoor to eruva and served as accountant of the king for many years. From the influence of swamy mahadeva ayyar eruva sreenivasa pillai concentrated more on astrology and he took it as his profession.

He completed 5years of study under swamy and returned back to his home to look after his parents in their old age. He along with kaimal sir did advanced studies in astrology for five years. There after for five years he concentrated in devaprashnas and seeked knowledge from famous astrologers throughout kerala. He conducted Ashtamangala Devaprasnam for major temples in Kerala and all over India for the last 25Yrs

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